J.Mountz Consulting

Creative Solutions for Leaders and Organizations

leadership training Programs

Looking for innovated leadership training for your students or group members? We can design and facilitate cutting-edge leadership curricula that meet your specific needs. Drawing upon years of experience as a leadership educator and program facilitator, John can create an engaging and thought-provoking leadership experience for your organization. Half-day, day-long and multi-day training insititutes can be developed to meet your organization's desired learning outcomes.

Visioning and STrategic Planning

The most successful organizations know why they exist and where they want to go in the future. Let us help your group develop your plan for success with a custom-designed opportunity to engage your team in visioning and strategic thinking.

Keynotes & COnference PResentations

Planning a conference for your campus or organization? John is an engaging speaker and program presenter who can enliven your event with energy, humor and solid content. Speaking/program topics include Leading Change, Leading with Integrity, Hazing, Apathy and Motivation, and many others. 

Team-building & Staff Development

​Great teams never happen by accident. They develop with intentional training and support. Whether you have team of staff members, volunteers, or a mix of both, John can your team learn and grow. Half-day, day-long and multi-day experiences can be customized for your organizational needs.

Board Development

Successful non-profit organizations rely on their volunteer board members for leadership and service. But do your board members understand their responsibilities and are they prepared to meet them? Let us spend time helping your volunteers develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be true leaders.

Fraternity/Sorority Housing Projects

Fraternities and sororities are the largest non-profit provider of student housing in the country. Renovating an exising house or planning for a multi-million dollar new facility are major challenges for volunteer alumni house corporations. John brings a wealth of knowledge about Greek housing, capital project planning, and volunteer management to the table and can assist your organization in achieving its long-term vision.